Many people do not realize the importance of industrial springs, especially in today's high-tech world of computers. Springs remain an integral part of many manufactured goods. From suspensions on recreational vehicles to handles in aluminum windows, springs can be found just about everywhere.

Heiplex was founded in 1960 by Ernie Heistermann in order to capitalize on that need. Established on the second story of a local industrial building, the output was meager at best. Initially, one of the best selling products was hair curlers! Over the following 40 years, Heiplex dramatically increased its production and moved to a larger location with a 10,000 square foot factory floor.  Heiplex has since expanded its product line as well, now producing a wide variety of springs for all sorts of applications.  Heiplex springs can be found on windows, light fixtures, recreational vehicles, home appliances and more...  Heiplex also manufactures high-end precision springs for use in the aerospace industry.

Over the years, Heiplex has remained a family-run business with three generations of spring makers still working at our facilities. However, it is Ernie’s sons, Bruce and Richard, who run the business these days.  Heiplex now provides precision springs with a level of quality that only 40 years of experience can bring.

Whether you need a single spring or thousands of them, Heiplex will fulfill your orders with the utmost care and attention to quality design.


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