At Heiplex, quality and service are our top priorities. Our relationship with the customer is always our main concern.  Heiplex is dedicated to providing the best in customer service.  From our courteous and helpful office personnel, to our prompt shipping, we take every measure we can to ensure that our products reach you in the very best condition, by the fastest means possible, and at the lowest cost.

Our commitment to quality is second to none. Each order of springs is crafted with extreme attention to details, ensuring the best possible finished products. All of our springs are made from top quality materials, whether stainless steel, oil tempered, music or galvanized wire stock, according to customer requirements.  All our wire is acquired from the leaders of the wire and steel industry.

All of our springs can be treated according to your exact specifications, whether plated, heat treated or shot peened.  We have access to specialized facilities that perform all these treatments and more ...

In an effort to keep up with our commitment to quality design, we thoroughly test our springs in order to satisfy the highest standards. Our experience and know-how assure our customers of the highest possible quality at competitive prices. 

Heiplex keeps its customers happy by providing friendly services and superior products at affordable prices. We want our products to be the best products available at the best possible prices with the best possible customer service.


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